Something Special Coffee
Los Angeles, California


Something Special Coffee is a simplistic take on a coffee bean’s origins. The above graphic unwraps the the coffee bean in its berry and roasted state to form the beans silhoutte.  It’s a hero identifier throughout the system that get’s used in repetition with other brand elements. The brands motif, the crane, is a symbol of longevity and is seen in an upward position chasing the bean silhoutte. The two icons used together are a symbol for offering the highest quality product.  

3D expression and tote tote tote.

Business card, flat label, and poster.

Social posts, OOH expression, and Instagram stories template.

The visual system is based on a minimalistic approach. The graphics are predominantly used individualistic to matain the system base standard. Subtle colors and textures have been brought to help provide contrast and felxibility through systemic application.